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I need to create a dynamic List of Points, new Point ,can be added at any time. I want to draw lines to connect them using different color. Color is based on the ID's of those points, which will be retrieved from the database.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Oct-12 16:04pm    
In console? forget it!

Create a Pen[^] of the appropriate color and use Graphics.DrawLine()[^] to draw a line using that Pen.  Be sure to properly dispose your objects, e.g.
PaintEventArgs pea = ...
using (Pen p = new Pen (...)) {
   pea.Graphics.DrawLine (...)

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This thing is not for console. Please see my past answers:
Drawing Lines between mdi child forms[^],
capture the drawing on a panel[^],
What kind of playful method is Paint? (DataGridViewImageCell.Paint(...))[^].

That was for System.Drawing, which is usually used with System.Windows.Forms or with bitmaps.

Alternative type of application is WPF. I don't have answer to your particular problem (for WPF, it is extremely simple), but you can get some ideas:
Connect different controls[^],
Vector graphics software like CorelDraw or Inkscape in C# or VB.NET[^].

Basically, you need to use the class System.Windows.Controls.Canvas and put some UI elements on it:[^].

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