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I have an issue:
i am validationg webparts and application pages for sharepoint using jquery validate()

the jquery validation works fine and checks all the rules and displaying messages as well,but the issue is that:

if the rules are fine the submit button works and submits data as many times as the validation never fails but once the validation fails for any reason such required field, the user corrects the error and try to submit the data again but the button no more is submitting even if the validation is corrected


        rules: {  <%=TextBox1.UniqueID%>:{ required: true },  <%=TextBox2.UniqueID%>: { required: true} },
        messages: {
             <%=TextBox1.UniqueID%>: { required: "<span  style='color:black'>* Required Field *</span>" },

             <%=TextBox2.UniqueID%>: { required: "<span  style='color:red'>* Required Field *</span>" }
        errorLabelContainer: "#errorcontainer",
        wrapper: 'li'


Note: The exact same code is working fine in normal and master pages

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