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I'm unable to decide on how to proceed with this, I would like to have a pop up dialog box displayed on the screen when an user clicks on submit which would say continue to save information or cancel option.My submit button is already doing another function of displaying the entries made in the form as a pdf. Is it possible to make the same button display the dialog box say after 10 seconds and then when i click save, write the information to the database?

P.S.: I think this would be a quite a simple question to answer for you guys, but I'm a bit new to web development.

Your help is much appreciated.
Mohibur Rashid 24-Oct-12 6:33am    
why do you want to create a pdf file to confirm input? what would be the behaviour if user turn off javascript? by the way, if you open the pdf in new window then in your next statement you can write the code to display your popup window. but if you plan to open in the same window you better deal with frame or iframe
Member 9196002 24-Oct-12 8:18am    
the pdf is for printing the document.It is working perfectly fine. I wrote the code to open the popup in the next statement with a timeout..but only the window of the pdf opens
Member 9196002 24-Oct-12 8:19am    
well..this is what my code is doing..but it doesn't proceed further.
echo ' <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
echo'<script language = "JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

Not sure if I understand correctly, but to trigger popup after a delay you can use window.setTimeout[^]
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