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<pre lang="c#">
    <Answer name="es/21-9-c">
        <TextValue>420 Quincy St.</TextValue>
    <Answer name="rptmc/programtype">
    <Answer name="programtype">

    public class AnswerFile
        public string txt_DSCL_COLUMN_NAME { get; set; }
        public string int_DSCL_VARIABLE_TYPE_ID { get; set; }
        public DateTime dat_DSCL_CREATED_DATE { get; set; }
        public string txt_DSVL_VALUE { get; set; }

 string getXmlPath = @"C:\DA_Portal\ClientFiles\3977034278\DownloadedDataSets\10-16-12\Transformed\";
            System.Collections.Generic.List<fileinfo> _theFiles;
            _theFiles = Utility.GetFiles(getXmlPath, "xml");
            int totalFiles = _theFiles.Count;
            foreach (FileInfo AnswerFileInfo in _theFiles)

                XDocument obAnsFile;
                string AnswerFileName = AnswerFileInfo.Name;
                obAnsFile = new XDocument();
                obAnsFile = XDocument.Load(AnswerFileInfo.FullName);


                IEnumerable<answerfile> Answers = (from e in obAnsFile.Descendants("Answer")
                                                   select new AnswerFile
                                                       txt_DSCL_COLUMN_NAME = e.Attribute("name").Value,
                                                       txt_DSVL_VALUE = (string)e.Element("MCValue").Value.Insert(e.Element("MCValue").Value.Length, "|"),
                                                       dat_DSCL_CREATED_DATE = DateTime.Now,
                                                       int_DSCL_VARIABLE_TYPE_ID = e.FirstNode != null ? ((XElement)e.FirstNode).Name.LocalName : "hello",


The Output I want is should be in this format

For this

<answer name="es/21-9-c">
        <textvalue>420 Quincy St.</textvalue>

txt_DSCL_COLUMN_NAME ="es/21-9-c"
txt_DSVL_VALUE ="420 Quincy St."


 <answer name="rptmc/programtype">

txt_DSCL_COLUMN_NAME  ="rptmc/programtype"

<answer name="programtype">

txt_DSCL_COLUMN_NAME  ="programtype"
txt_DSVL_VALUE ="VS|BS|CS|Ron|Deepak|Nelson"

Kindly let me know if the things are not clear</answerfile></fileinfo>
fjdiewornncalwe 26-Oct-12 12:16pm    
Great. And what's your question?
nelsonmarian 29-Oct-12 1:34am    
Good Morning Marcus Kramer

Thanks for reply. My question how to get | when there are more child nodes and no | when there is no child node or only one child node.MY xml will also have TextValue ,NumValue,DateValue,TFValue,DocTextValue. They will not have child elements but MCValue , ClauseLibValue DBValue .But they will have atleast one child nodes. Will your solution will be faster.because I am having 10,000 files and each file contains around 1000 records.

<answer name="GA">

<answer name="dstes/coreentrydate">


<answer name="dsttf/compmod415">

<answer name="rptmc/programtype">

<answer name="programtype">


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