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Hi all,

Passing parameter for remote execution for powershell script is not working
Here the script is present on local machine and has to create a VM on HyperV server while passing servername as paramanter

Invoke-Command -ComputerName OIP-HyperV -FilePath C:\PSScript\CreateVM_ORIGINAL.PS1 -ArgumentList "Serv1"

same code will work if script present in Hyper-V server by using ScriptBlock
but I want the same to happen using FilePath(script in local machine).

Please help....

You need to read up on how to use UNC path's. C:\ is a local drive that may exists on another computer (dos/windows only) but likely doesn't have the same data. You need to use a more rigorous path definition that specifies the path more specifically, which is UNC.[^]

Good luck!
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Krishnamurthy M 28-Oct-12 12:15pm    
The same command will execute fine if we done pass the parameters and hardcode the values inside the script.
This path C:\PSScript\CreateVM_ORIGINAL.PS1 is present on the same local machine where code is getting executed so I dont think it is a problem.
The main thing is as I told I am not able to pass the paramaeter using -FilePath command.
Please help me if you know how to pass the parameter when using -Filepath command for remote exection.
The only thing I did is removing double quotes from the argument and it stated working fine!!! thanks for all your help :-)
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