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how to do Encryption and Decryption the file in

Considering you want to encrypt and then decrypt (when needed) content of some file, try article at File Encryption and Decryption in C#[^]

I believe it should serve the purpose.

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I thinks you should first understand the basic concept of Encryption and Decryption Algorithm
Ex. Learn more about RSA, MD5 algorithms ie how these algorithms work Theoretically then implement in any Lang(C#,F#,,J#)

Link :[^][^]
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I think this article can help you:
Public Key RSA Encryption in C# .NET[^]
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1st write this function on your page:

public static string ConvertToBin(string asciiString)
       StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
       foreach (string letter in asciiString.Select(c => Convert.ToString(c, 8)))
       return sb.ToString().Substring(0,5);

then write this coding where u want to show ur encrypt key like textbox means write like this it show 5 digit encrypt key:

TextBox1.Text = ConvertToBin(a);
TextBox2.Text = ConvertToBin(content.Substring(content.Length - 5, 5)); RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
TextBox3.Text = ConvertToBin(rsa.ToXmlString(true).Substring(15, 5));
TextBox4.Text = ConvertToBin(rsa.ToXmlString(true).Substring(15, 5));
TextBox5.Text = ConvertToBin(rsa.ToXmlString(true).Substring(22, 5));
TextBox6.Text = content;
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