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I know this topic has been discussed many times, but I still cannot get it work. I have 3 RadioButtons that are put in a StackPanel; I am trying to bind their IsChecked to some variable in View Model. Here is what I did:

in XAML file in View:
 <RadioButton Name="rbExpReview"
              IsChecked="{Binding Path=rbExpReviewIsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"
                       <Label Content="Experiment Review"
                              VerticalContentAlignment="Center" />

In View Model, I have declared a variable:
_rbExpReviewIsChecked = true;

and the property that responds to IsChecked of the RadioButton:
public bool rbExpReviewIsChecked
               return _rbExpReviewIsChecked;

               _rbExpReviewIsChecked = value;

However, when I check and uncheck the button, there is no response in the View Model code (break point is not hit.) So I am wondering what is the problem with my binding? Or anything else? I am new to XAML, so any pointer is appreciated. Nick
Jan Mikeska 2-Nov-12 11:12am    
Did you try to put a break point in XAML on the line 'IsChecked="{Binding Path=rbExpReviewIsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}'? If the XAML break point is hit expand the locals window and look for BindingState/FinalSource. Check if you can see the property you are trying to bind to.
Lance Contreras 6-Nov-13 2:03am    
I'm also having the same problem. After few hours of googling it, I found out that it's a known bug on the radio button. I found some suggestions of creating a list box and style it like a radio button. However it won't work in my case because I need the GroupName property since I'm using each of my buttons in a data template so i need to bind the group name.

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