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I am developing the application to track a vechile GPS system.
The GPS device is sending the data on required IP and PORT.

But the problem is I need to integrate this in webapplication.

I have done analysis on signalR and SuperSockets.

But my requirement is that it should work on IE7 atleast.

The application Flow will be.

GPS Device -----------> Receiving Server -------------> Pushed to Client

(sending data on specific IP and PORT)
(Listens on Specific Port & Push Data Received on the Client ASP Page)
(Location is show based on the data received on GoogleMaps)

Any king of help is welcome.

Updated 3-Nov-12 2:44am
mohamad_ali 11-Sep-19 9:27am    
hi, Could you use from signalr? i want use signar in vehicle tracking , can u guide me?


You can create one windows service to pull data from the Device and store it into your database.

Then your client web application will fetch data and process as per your need. As per your need you can set interval to get data from the windows service.

hope it works for you :)
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Harshit Gangal 3-Nov-12 9:26am    
Hi Amit,

Thanks for your reply.

I am looking for some real time and more interactive application.
Whenever I receive data it should be posted to Client Side ASP Page.

For this we have SignalR or SuperSockets which provide two way communication.

I am not sure about how to integrate windows service and ASP.NET.

Can I launch this windows service in IIS? If yes then can you please explain how to do so.

Thanks in Advance
AmitGajjar 4-Nov-12 0:52am    
Please see article to host WCF service in IIS
which device u are using ? tell us than we can sort it out on the basis of device being used
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Can yoou provide the source code it?
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Here is the sequence...

GPS Device(s)------->TCP/UDP Listner------> DataBase ------> [DAL] ASP.Net WebPages.

You have to write TCP listner Serivce for this, where all your devices will connect and push data. Store the data in the Database. Create a web application on this database.

The Simplest TcpServer[^]

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mohamad_ali 11-Sep-19 9:53am    
hi, i developing vehicle tracking , i have some problem in chose best way and best protocole and how can use it in server side when send data from device to server and manege data of all device that registered, can u guide me about it? or if u have sample code that can help me?,i will be glad if u can help me

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