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i want to set data source of one combo box to one column of table and this combo box is one of gridview column my code is :
DataTable p = new System.Data.DataTable();
            p = selectcolor();
            (dataGridView1.Columns[4] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).DataSource = p;

private DataTable selectcolor()

           DataTable k = new System.Data.DataTable();

               string str = "Data Source=C:\\Documents and Settings\\almas\\Desktop\\BazarKhodro\\khodro.sdf";
               Qconnection.ConnectionString = str;
               Qcommand.Connection = Qconnection;

               string commandText = "select color from foroosh";

               Qcommand.CommandText = commandText;
               Qcommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
               SqlCeDataAdapter a = new SqlCeDataAdapter();
               a.SelectCommand = Qcommand;
               return k;

           catch (Exception ex)

               throw new Exception(ex.Message);
               return k;

after runing i see the content of p but 0ccur this error

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

pls help me
Updated 7-Nov-12 22:05pm

1 solution

The error is because your cast isn't working:

(dataGridView1.Columns[4] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).DataSource[^]

If this type of cast doesn't work, it simply returns null, so you're trying to set the .DataSource property on an object that is null.

I can't say why the cast isn't working but you need to check that dataGridView1.Columns[4] is not null and that dataGridView1.Columns[4] is of type DataGridViewComboBoxColumn before you cast.
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f.sarikhani 8-Nov-12 4:45am    
with seting type of grideview1.column[4] to combo box my problem is solved but show System.Data.DataRowView in combo box
jim lahey 8-Nov-12 4:47am    
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