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I have a combobox and bound textboxes that show details of a chosen item.
When I choose items, everything works fine. on selected index = 0, new form is opened and if i cancel it, i need the selected index to be set to -1.

So when i do that, the data in the text boxes is left from previously selected item(before index 0 was selected). so i clear the text boxes (textboxes.text = "").

then, when I choose an item from the combobox it selects it but textboxes are empty. If I do another selection then it shows values, so it seems like the clearing txtboxes has something to do with that.

how can I achieve the clearing of the txtboxes after setting index to -1 without preventing no show of data after next selection?

Here is some code:
private void clientsComboBoxEx_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (clientsComboBoxEx.SelectedIndex == -1)
        editClientButton.Enabled = false;
        foreach (TextBox tb in groupBox1.Controls.OfType())
            if (tb.Text != "")
    if (clientsComboBoxEx.SelectedIndex == 0)
        editClientButton.Enabled = false;
        cb = clientsComboBoxEx;
        NewClient newclientform = new NewClient(cb);
        clientsComboBoxEx.SelectedIndex = -1;
    if (clientsComboBoxEx.SelectedIndex >0)
        editClientButton.Enabled = true;

Updated 8-Nov-12 4:33am
jim lahey 8-Nov-12 8:31am    
You need to share your code for this one.
tyska 8-Nov-12 8:49am    
some code in the edited question
lukeer 8-Nov-12 9:36am    
There is a link called "Improve question" right below your question. Use that to provide such additional information. Then, a tiny comment about your question being updated suffices and the code is much easier to read.
tyska 8-Nov-12 9:45am    
sorry, i'll do that next time
manognya kota 8-Nov-12 8:34am    

Are you binding the text box on change of combobox?

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