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I am working on a project, in which i need to develop an website which has mostly static html page(s).

In this site there is a section where the site owner/admin should be able to edit some part of content (say a text box) and update it. This edit option should only be available for the site owner/admin. Rest of the website visitors should just see the static text or label.

I am not sure how to implement this kind of functionality in a website.

Also, I don't need to save the updated text anywhere.

Can any one please help me in clearing this confusion.

I searched the web but not able to find what I want. So, if you know any articles that help my requirement, they are welcome. I would really appreciate that.

Please let me know, if any thing is not clear in my question.

Thanks in advance.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Nov-12 13:25pm    
Not really a question. Of course such things may make full sense, can be implemented and are actually implemented if different systems. You just need to implement the usual authentication on the site with couple of more different roles, such as admin and the user, of authenticated admin and non-authenticated users. I don't know what you already can do and what not, what is you background and skill set; that is, the question is not specific enough.
[no name] 9-Nov-12 13:38pm    
I suggest you start with a tutorial on form based authentication and then try web matrix if you were looking for something thats simple free and with templates
APtaken 9-Nov-12 14:18pm    
You can easily do this with Role based authentication.
Philippe Mori 9-Nov-12 18:40pm    
It is fairly easy to find information on ASP.NET on the web. If you don't save the updated text how can you show it to your users?

ASP.NET is a good starting point for web development.

By the way, as mentionned by Mathlab, you can use WebMatrix as a starting point and I think there is even a sample that can be used a a starting point as it allows to add pages to a site (by the admin).

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Start here[^]: a cms is the way to go.
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