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Hi all,

Wondering if you can help me, I am currently working on a project on which I use a panel and a bitmap as a canvas on the bitmap to draw and place images and controls. Which all works fine, the only problem now is. I don't know how to go about refreshing the bitmap.
I've tried almost everything and the only thing that seems to work is

Application.Restart(); - which is not really what I should be using.

Please help, Thanks in Advance

OriginalGriff 13-Nov-12 4:09am    
How are you using the bitmap at the moment? Are you loading it from disk and painting it yourself, or displaying it via some controls Image property?
Storxstar 13-Nov-12 4:18am    
Im painting it myself basically, using mouse points to draw lines, place images(inside pictureboxes), placing labels.

Here is the code I used to initialize the Bitmap.

Bitmap drawing;
drawing = new Bitmap(drawPanel.Width, drawPanel.Height, drawPanel.CreateGraphics());

private void drawPanelControl_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
e.Graphics.DrawImageUnscaled(drawing, new Point(0, 0));
BobJanova 13-Nov-12 4:28am    
And where do you draw it?

It looks like you have everything hooked up correctly and you just need to draw all over 'drawing' again.
Storxstar 13-Nov-12 4:32am    
Im drawing it on my Panel. I've tried this for Refresh. But it doesn't seem to work either...

panel.CreateGraphics().DrawImageUnscaled(drawing, new Point(0, 0));
BobJanova 13-Nov-12 5:08am    
No, where do you do stuff to 'drawing'? All you've shown so far is where you use 'drawing' by painting it onto a control. Calling that again will refresh the control, but with the same image that it had before. You need to call again the code that actually creates the drawing.

1 solution

All you need to do is call the Panel.Invalidate method - it will cause your Paint event to be signaled again, and the drawing will be refreshed.
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