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Please help me out.
I have a list with multiple columns.
my requirement is to get a list with all the columns group by single column.

class SearchList
   string ComposerName;
   string MemberID;
   string Value1;
   String IteamName;
List<searchlist> sl=new List<searchlist>

above "sl" contains multiple items, from that i want to get MemberID, ComposerName, IteamName group by ComposerName using linq.

pleas suggest me code for this
Updated 13-Nov-12 19:42pm

1 solution

I assume that you have a list of your Class type like

List<SearchList> searchList = new List<SearchList>();

And for getting the desired result set by grouping the data try the below code

var groupedList = from entry in searchList
                  group entry by new { entry.ComposerName } into grouping
                  select new
                      ComposerName = grouping.Key.ComposerName,
                      MemberID = grouping.First().MemberID,
                      Value1 = grouping.First().Value1,
                      IteamName = grouping.First().IteamName,

Hope this helps. Please get back if you have any issue.
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