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Hi All,

I have developed a Windows 8 application in which I implemented Push Technology to send notifications from my service without using WNS because, my app is not going to be on store.!!

Well, I implemented this Push Mechanism using WebSocket Protocol(which uses NetHttpBinding). Every is working fine in locally that is when I hosted my services in VS. But when I hosted in IIS 8.0 the channels are breaking after eight notifications..
Do we need to do any settings in IIS ??

Here, While my app is launching am subscribing to PushService(Which I implemented using NetHttpBinding) and storing channel in dictionary<useralias,> for future use to send notifications. Once I get notifications to my LisenerService from other contacting with PushService. Once PushService receives notifications from listener service it will check for the channel based on the useralias. Once their is a match for useralias, the PushService will fetch that channel and send notification. It's working fine till 8 notifications..after that it is giving an error like "The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it has been Aborted".

I have enabled Reliablesession at server side and set receiveTimeout and inactivityTimeout also as below
        <binding name="netHttpBindingConfiguration" receiveTimeout="24.20:31:23.6470000" sendTimeout="01:00:00">
          <reliableSession inactivityTimeout="00:01:30" enabled="false" />


But still problem persists. Do anyone else have suggestions regarding this.

Any help is appreciated.

Karthik Vadla

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