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Dear Coders,

I am having trouble assigning a date datatype value to null. If i assign like

Dim MyDate as Date

MyDate = DbNull.value

Its showing error like cannot convert the value. Please Help.
Updated 21-Nov-12 21:09pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Nov-12 2:49am    
Of course you cannot. This is not a nullable type; and DbNull is a special type used to conduct a notion of null in relational databases, which is not the same thing as CLI null. This is a double incompatibility.

Better explain what exactly do you want to achieve. DbNull makes no sense if you don't use ADO.NET. Where do you use it?

armarzook 22-Nov-12 3:09am    
Sorry. not data datatype.. Its Date Datatype.

You can't assign DBNull.Value to anything in particular - it is a value that is passed between .NET and SQL to indicate a null value in a database table, not a value you can generally use in your application. Try Nothing instead. (But that probably won't do what you want either :laugh:)
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armarzook 22-Nov-12 3:19am    
Read the question now please...
OriginalGriff 22-Nov-12 3:23am    
Still not changed - you still can't assign DBNull.Value to a Date datatype - it isn't a value it can accept.
Is this you looking for.. - Assigning null value to datetime object[^]

armarzook wrote:
MyDate = DbNull.value

here DbNull does not represent anything if you are not using ADO.Net..
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