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Hi ,guys,
I am making a program on LINUX , with MONO as GUI and OpenGL/X11/C++ as renderer . The connection between them is P/Invoke.
Worrying about effeciency , I decide not to use CSharp wrapper of OpenGL directly.So the structure is like this :
                  MONO  C#  GUI

                 / CSharp proxy class
      P/Invoke {
                 \ C++ interface class

                 X11/C++ & OpenGL/C++

The P/Invoke layer just map functions like :
Init(..) , Update(..) , Render(..) , LoadModel(..)

NOT the tiny functions like : glColor(..) , glVertex(..)...

Which sounds good.
The only problem is that , I must pass the MONO window handle(or ptr or so so..) to the renderer system .
X11/C++ can create its own window by calling XCreateWindow(..) , but I already have a window ...
Only I know is that , my mono is bases on X11 , which is comptable with my openGL/C++ layer.
So how to do that ?
Mike Kuchma 1-Dec-12 6:17am    
You can get handle : Form.Handle (or Control.Handle) and pass it further
gxsheng 1-Dec-12 9:19am    
Yes , it is easy to pass handle to the C++ layer, but how to use it ?
A window created with C++ function (XCreateWindow(...)) can be easily manipulated with a handle which is type of 'Window' :
Window wnd = XCreateWindow(...);
then call
glXMakeCurrent( dis , wnd , ctx );
and glXSwapBuffers ( m_dis, wnd );
things will go right.
If I just have a handle from CSharp layer(uint_ptr) , how to get a correspond 'Window' variable?
It there a glx* function which can do this ?
Mike Kuchma 3-Dec-12 10:08am    
In windows i can use it as parent handle for creating windows in native code.
Also you can just create a separate window via pinvoke call (not embedded in form), and update it with timer or else.
P.S. I also had similar problem, i used sfml for this.
Richard MacCutchan 1-Dec-12 6:26am    
If you are worried about efficiency then why are you using C# in the first place? If that is your concern then you should be using C++ for all your coding.
gxsheng 1-Dec-12 9:08am    
I want a crossplatform/popular/simple/easy extensible/niubee GUI , which can not be easily found in C++.
GTK / QT / wgl will take me months to study ...
The most important is that I use DOTNET for over 3 years , I do not want to use an unfamiliar GUI lib.

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