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I recently designed an application part of which collects input using a DetailsView. 3 people at the customer's location all encountered the same problem: after login, the DetailsView showed for a blink, then "went away". This also happened on the private PC/internet connection of one project team member on the customer side, and she wrote that on a screen-print, the DetailsView was visible but on her screen it was not. I had people in my country (Thailand), Switzerland and Germany independently test the same application (hosted by a swiss web-hosting company) and all replied everything worked fine.

Does anyone have an idea what could go wrong on my customers' machines?

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You should consider things like

1 - do the people who have the problem all come from the same country, and can you reproduce it by setting your PC to the same locale as those people ( for example, it could be an issue created by code that assumes a certain time, date or currency format )

2 - does it happen repeatably for the same clients ? If so, use GoToMeeting or similar to make it happen as you watch and/or write some logging code to report the app status to you from the client machines when it happens

3 - Consider what events might causes the view to disappear, and what you mean by disappear, does a form disappear, or does some thing disappear from a form ? Can you write some defensive code to work out why this could be happening, or to try to stop it ?
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