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I want to remove a folder (META-INF) from a .ZIP file, I have tried to do this before but failed. Does anyone have a code I can use to remove a folder?

I REALLY NEED HELP! I have until the 10th to release my program as planned, and I don't want to delay it again!

I have tried to search numerous times! Thats the problem. I found NO code that could help and I tried to do it on my own and got an error saying 'Entry does not exist'...

Here's a code:
Dim selection = zip1.SelectEntries("*.*", "META-INF")
For x = selection.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
	Dim e As ZipEntry = selection(x)

Well now I have the code and no error comes up but It still does not delete it... Can anyone point out where I went wrong here?

Dim Threshold As New String("META-INF")
Using zip As ZipFile = ZipFile.Read("C:\Users\" + GetUserName + "\AppData\Roaming\MCqTools\Mod_p\")
    Dim MarkedEntries As New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of ZipEntry)
    Dim e As ZipEntry
    For Each e In zip
        If (e.IsDirectory = Threshold) Then
        End If
    Dim folderMETA As ZipEntry
    For Each zombie In MarkedEntries
End Using
Updated 4-Dec-12 10:04am
Expert Coming 4-Dec-12 0:21am    
We don't just hand out source code on this site. If you wouldn't mind posting some code that shows what problems you are facing, what you have tried, and a more specific question people should be able to start helping.

1 solution

Based on the example "Read in a zip file, remove a few entries, save the file" from VB.NET Examples[^] you should be able do remove all files that have "META-INF" in the file name.

Use to ZipEntry[^] class to access the FileName[^].
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