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i wanna send one file through ip address i got error like this
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Below coding i written in this program....this is program error or it's related to firewall proble....but in my system i disable the firewall...

pls help me....

private void btnProcess1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //----------------> Request to Central Server <----------------
           // TcpClient tc1 = new TcpClient();
            TcpClient tc1 = new TcpClient(txtGroupA.Text, 80);
            NetworkStream ns1 = tc1.GetStream();
            BinaryFormatter bf1 = new BinaryFormatter();
            bf1.Serialize(ns1, "Send Particulars of MultigroupA");
            TcpListener listen;

            Socket sk;
            listen = new TcpListener(8000);
            sk = listen.AcceptSocket();
            NetworkStream ns = new NetworkStream(sk);
            BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter();
            object op;

            op = bf.Deserialize(ns);
            string returndata1 = op.ToString();

            char[] spiltch1 = { ' ' };
            string[] spit1 = null;
            spit1 = returndata1.Split(spiltch1);

            a11 = spit1[0].ToString();
            b1 = spit1[1].ToString();
            c1 = spit1[2].ToString();
            d1 = spit1[3].ToString();
            e1 = spit1[4].ToString();
            f1 = spit1[5].ToString();
            g1 = spit1[6].ToString();
            h1 = spit1[7].ToString();
            i1 = spit1[8].ToString();
            j1 = spit1[9].ToString();
            txtResTime1.Text = d1.ToString();
            txtPathA.Text = e1.ToString();
            txtResB.Text = i1.ToString();
            txtPathB.Text = j1.ToString();


"I got error in that highlighted line"
Richard MacCutchan 4-Dec-12 4:05am    
Do you have an application that is listening on port 80 at that IP address?
Deenuji 4-Dec-12 4:10am    
nope sir....this is my friend project.... he write port is 6060 but i changed to 80.... but again i'm getting the same error only....
Mendor81 4-Dec-12 11:14am    
Probably because the 80 is a default port try use another port.

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