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how can i check if there's a duplicate value in array?
Dim array(9) as String

array(0) = Textbox1.Text
array(1) = Textbox2.Text
array(2) = Textbox3.Text
array(3) = Textbox4.Text
array(4) = Textbox5.Text
array(5) = Textbox6.Text
array(6) = Textbox7.Text
array(7) = Textbox8.Text
array(8) = Textbox9.Text
array(9) = Textbox10.Text

if there's a duplicate value or text then the backcolor of the textbox turns to red.

any help will be highly appreciated.
Updated 6-Dec-12 9:55am

Try this:

IEnumerable<Control> ctls = this.Controls.Cast<Control>();
var txtBoxQuery = from c in ctls
                  where c is TextBox && ctls.Count(x => x.Text == c.Text) > 1
                  select c;
foreach (Control c in txtBoxQuery)
        c.BackColor = Color.Red;

Dim ctls As IEnumerable(Of Control) = Me.Controls.Cast(Of Control)()
Dim txtBoxQuery = From c In ctls Where TypeOf c Is TextBox And ctls.Count(Function(x) x.Text = c.Text) > 1 Select c
For Each c As Control In txtBoxQuery
   c.BackColor = Color.Red
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Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 16:25pm    
Nice solution.
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Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 13:24pm    
Great answer! I love that site.
joshrduncan2012 6-Dec-12 13:26pm    
Can you rate my answer, please?
Adam R Harris 6-Dec-12 13:33pm    
Way ahead of you man, that's where the 5 stars came from.
joshrduncan2012 6-Dec-12 13:35pm    
Thanks Adam! Sometimes I can't tell when something has been voted on or not.

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