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Cuestion 1.- In VS 2017 I have a class called "Common" that includes various useful functions to the rest of the classes.

If I extract one of the functions and include it in a new class, when I try to compile the class "Common" it tells me that the class that I have extracted does not exist.
The extracted class can not be compiled if I do not compile the "Common" class first. Solution?

Cuestion 2.- In VS 2017 I have a project with different dlls. When compiling I want all the dlls to be included in the compiled as a single dll.

What I have tried:

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Updated 25-May-19 5:16am

1 solution

Question 1: That's going to depend on where these classes are: if you are moving between projects then yes, you will need to compile projects before the revised assembly can be used in a different one. Think about it: if you are writing code for two assemblies at the same time, you don't want partial code halfway through.
So add you class to Assembly A, compile it, then edit Assembly B and it will use the revised version.
Question 2: That's not how it's meant to work: the DLLs are separate assemblies, and are intended to be separate files so that they can be used with just one copy installed on the machine and shared by many other apps.
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