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there is a starting array - 8,6,25,50,3

from that array i need to generate 2 more arrays, one which consist of elements that can be dived by 5, and another array that consist of elements that can be divided by 2.

i need the code for this

What I have tried:

I have to do this for a test, i really need the solution, im short on time, help a friend out :D

	N		dw	6
	nizA	db	8,6,25,50,3
	nizB db 	8 dup(?)
	nizC db	8 dup(?)


main PROC
	mov	si,0	;I
	mov	di,0	;J
	mov	cx,N
	mov	bh,5
	mov	al,nizA[si]
	div	bh
	cmp	ah,0
	jne	povecajIndeks
		; ostatak delenja je 0 pa se element dodaje u niz B
		mov	al,nizA[si]
		mov	nizB[di],al
		inc	di				
	inc	si
	cmp	si,cx
	jl	sledeci

	; povratak u OS
main ENDP

END main
Updated 28-May-19 23:22pm

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