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Is it possible to add an entity to a database. Initially I have updated a database from a model, now I created a new entity on the model, now I would like to add this entity to the database. How can I do this

Initial look of my edmx is as follows[^]

I added an entity by right clicking and select add entity and mapped accordingly as per required, now my edmx looks as follows[^]

Now I would like to update this table DeptHead to the database
Updated 10-Dec-12 19:38pm

1 solution

Check this answer if you get some help out:
Click here[^]
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demouser743 11-Dec-12 1:18am    
I am not asking about updating the database, I would like to create a new entity in edmx file, which I would like to add it as a table in the corresponding DB, which is having some tables
Prasad_Kulkarni 11-Dec-12 1:29am    
..and that's what answer refers to, you need to update model from database know, correct me if I am wrong?
demouser743 11-Dec-12 1:38am    
check my updated question along with images

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