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I insert a countDownTimer inside ReclyerView by showing the value inside a textview. The countDownTimer Works fine when runs my Activity
My problem is that when I Scrolling through the ReclyerView and returning to the previous items ،The timer does not work properly and display incorrect numbers

What I have tried:

if (mListDiscountTab.get(holder.getAdapterPosition()).getmCountDownTimer() == null) {
                        mListDiscountTab.get(holder.getAdapterPosition()).setmCountDownTimer(new CountDownTimer((((mListDiscountTab.get(holder.getAdapterPosition()).getHour() * 60 * 60) + (mListDiscountTab.get(holder.getAdapterPosition()).getMinute() * 60) + (mListDiscountTab.get(holder.getAdapterPosition()).getSecond())) * 1000), 1000) {
                            public void onTick(long millisUntilFinished) {
                                Log.d("herePOU", holder.getAdapterPosition()+"");
                                long sec = (millisUntilFinished / 1000);
                                ((ViewHolderItem) holder).tv_item_timer_hour_home_discount.setText(NumberConverter.Number_English_to_Persian(sec / 3600));
                                ((ViewHolderItem) holder).tv_item_timer_minute_home_discount.setText(NumberConverter.Number_English_to_Persian(((sec % 3600) / 60)));
                                ((ViewHolderItem) holder).tv_item_timer_second_home_discount.setText(NumberConverter.Number_English_to_Persian((sec % 3600) % 60));

                            public void onFinish() {

Updated 16-Jun-19 23:14pm

1 solution

Then disable the timer, or "take evasive action", when you're scrolling.

It is not unusual to have "contention" when threads / events start overlapping; you then have to think about "synchronizing".

It's usual to log events (in say a text block) in order to determine their firing order and state.
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