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Hi All,
I am working on WPF project in that i am facing the build error is "
The type cannot be used as type parameter in the generic type or method wpf

I had created one wpf window the code is below
public partial class LicensingForm : Window,ILicensingForm

Here i am inhering the ILicensingForm class and
the ILicensingForm code is below
public interface ILicensingForm
        Control ConfirmLicenseButton { get; }
        Control ConfirmationCodeInput { get; }
        Control EmailAddressInput { get; }
        Control RequestLicenseButton { get; }
        Control Status { get; }

        event FormClosedEventHandler FormClosed;

        void Close();
        void ShowMessage(string message);

And i am trying to call that window in some other class(mainModule).
internal static class MainModule
public static void RemoveLicense()
      using (var licenseController = new LicensingFormController<LicensingForm>())

Here iam getting error in this line LicensingForm only.
new LicensingFormController<LicensingForm>

What I have tried:

i had tried so many ways to fix this issue.
Updated 19-Jun-19 21:46pm
F-ES Sitecore 17-Jun-19 8:24am    
LicensingFormController doesn't support generics so you can't do LicensingFormController<TypeName> you can only create it like new LicensingFormController()
Ram349 18-Jun-19 2:31am    
Hi F-ES Sitecore,Thanks for respond to my post i already created new LicensingFormController<typename> only.i created like below
var licenseController = new LicensingFormController<licensingform>()

Could you please help this issue.

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