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Hi fellows hope so all are doing good :)
      I am developing a Sale/Purchase system for a local store where data may varies from thousands to about a million of records. I need two suggestion for database design.

  1. Question 1)

    • In my case there are two types of Clients "Individual and Company".
    • Company can have more than one Representatives and have more properties(Columns) than Individuals
    • So I creates two tables in parent child combination. Clients with some properties and Companies with extended properties
    • A Bill will be generate against a Client
    • Every entry of type Company, Individual and Representative will go in Clients but only Company type Client will be inserted in Companies(Extended) table
    • Companies have 5 or 6 additional columns except Client_ID(FK from Clients table).
    • I put companies and individual clients together because there are some common columns like balance, credit limit, member package, account info(There/His bank accounts we are dealing with) e.t.c

    So what if I merge both tables. Would saving 6 bytes per record is better or eliminating a table or join.
  2. Question 2)

    • I have to manage balances in two tables 1. In Clients 2. In Accounts
    • And for sure each table have a column named Balance with type money
    • Account table holds information about Bank/Cash in hand accounts of user not the balance of a client. Client's balance is in Balance column in Clients table for which I am asking to split or not.
    • I heard that frequent update of a record(column/like Balance in this case) effect the performance of queries even of select
    • And I heard it too to keeping frequently changing columns in smaller table other than larger table can give better performance I don't know is this write or not :(
    • So if the above statement is true than what if I create a table of Balances with auto incremental ID and make it's reference to both Clients and Accounts tables. One to One relation
    • I think it will increase the update performance for Balance but will increase an inner join for SELECT

    1. Thanks in advance and I am sorry if a have make any blunder :|
Updated 21-Dec-12 12:06pm
Abhishek Pant 20-Dec-12 10:34am
BC @ CV 20-Dec-12 12:25pm
Excellent blog post. This looking for others to do the work for them without even trying to do it themselves is a phenomena that goes well beyond programming. It sadly seems to be a generation defining characteristic.
fahadrk 21-Dec-12 19:24pm
Check question again

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