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I have an Student table in sql. I want to show data of this table in view using Entity framework data model.
I am fresher in MVC. Can anyone help me.
Thank you


Try to use EF code first, it would be much simpler to understand it.
1. Create your solution(ASP>MVC )
2. Download NuGet package in package manager console write the next:
- Install-Package EntityFramework -Version 4.3.1

3) Create you database context class, for example:
public calss StudentContext:DbContext
  public StudentContext():base("name=ConStringName"){}
  //where ConStringName -> key of your connection string in config file.

  public DbSet<student> Students{get;set;}

4) Create Student Entity ->
public class Student
 [System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Key] //do not forget to add reference to System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.dll
 public int Id{get;set;}
 public string Name {get;set;}
//other stuff was ommited for brevity!!

5) Create StudentController module and implement Index method in it:
public class StudentController:Controller
  public ActionResult Index()
   using(var context=new StudentContext())
    return View(context.Students.AsEnumerable());

6) the last one all you nedd is to create Index view:
@model IEnumerable<student>
 ViewBag.Title="Student index page"
   foreach(var student in Model)

Hope this will help you!!
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Member 9583779 24-Dec-12 0:53am    
But i have an existing database and i want it to be done with Database First ..
I don't want that code create my database. I have existing database.
Please Help me.
Thank you
Oleksandr Kulchytskyi 24-Dec-12 3:30am    
No problem , make a reverse engineering from existing DB you can successfully replicate to code-first model, just look at this link ->

And the rest still remains the same as i wrote above!
you can add entity model (edmx) in your project and then you can bind the table with view using that model.
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Member 9583779 24-Dec-12 3:08am    
i have added edmx in my project and then attached database table with this edmx.
what should be the next step. I want to display data of this table

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