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Does C++ STL has ready Doubly Linked List data structure? Want to use already ready one, instead of writing it from scratch?

What I have tried:

tried single linked list manually, but also I would like to use it automatically from the STL library. P.S. as in Java LinkedList<int> list = new LinkedList<int>();
Updated 28-Jun-19 7:22am

Please, read the posting guidelines and do your own research first!

list - C++ Reference[^]
List in C++ Standard Template Library (STL) - GeeksforGeeks[^]

If you have a specific problem then please come back with details and we will be happy to help
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CPallini 28-Jun-19 5:52am    
megaadam 28-Jun-19 8:20am    
Next question: Does C++ have goto?
CHill60 28-Jun-19 8:51am    
LOL! For one minute there I thought this was from the OP! :-D
Rick York 28-Jun-19 11:40am    
No. It doesn't.

When you want to use some tool it is best when understanding it else you will run into trouble or use it in some wrong cases. So you better have some basic knowledge about linked lists.

The above links are fine, when you understand the theory.

Always remember: C++ is like axe - a superior tool for hard hitting a lot of problems but also a weapon to crush yourself.
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