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What is stringstream sin function in C++?
It's taking a string as an argument. I couldn't understand that function when I'm looking up for a solution of a random problem.

What I have tried:

I want to know it's functionality so that I can use it anywhere else. I have tried searching for this, but I got all the skeptical answers.
Updated 29-Jun-19 0:16am

The StringStream class doesn't have an sin function: stringstream - C++ Reference[^] so the chances are that it's an extension from the standard in a library your application references. Check the whole codebase and see what you can find.

Which would explain the skeptical answers you already have.

Alternatively, did you mean the cin operator >> ?
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Raghurss 30-Jun-19 5:41am    
Yeah! that cin operator >> and i got to know about that. Thanks for the reference.
Probably your are observing the ('inizialization') constructor[^] of a istringstream object called sin and used to retrieve the corresponding number from its string representation (roughly speaking: 'conversion from string to number') e.g.

#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

int main()
  string repr = "42.042"; //  this is just the string representation of a double value

  istringstream sin (repr); // <-- is it what your talking about? :-)

  double d; // a double variable

  sin >> d; // here the double variable is initialised using the string representation 

  cout << "d = " <<  d << endl;
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Raghurss 30-Jun-19 5:45am    
Best explanation! Thank you so much sir!!
And yes, sstream library was used.
sin >> d; This was more skeptical yesterday and I'm now super comfortable with this answer Sir!
CPallini 30-Jun-19 6:06am    
We've been lucky, because that's a typical usage of istreamstring.
By the way, you are welcome.

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