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My problem is that I cant send my custom object to OutputDataReceived method. Details:

I have a class called Material which includes properties such as URL, Title, Description etc.

Now I start a Process. My goal is to take Title by using URL. I mean:

(pseudo code)
Material m=new Material(URL);
Process proc=new Process();
proc.startInfo.FileName = youtube_dl;
proc.startInfo.Arguments="--get-title "+m.URL;  // get title using url
proc.OutputDataReceived += OutputDataReceived;

Till now, everything is ok. I can get data by using e.Data in
void OutputDataReceived(object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e) method.

Problem is that I want to fill my Material object with this data like so:

But I cant pass any argument because eventhandler arguments are only object and DataReceivedEventArgs. So how should I do this without using a global variable.

What I have tried:

Nothing much, I tried to put my custom data into object paramter of handler but I failed. I'm stuck.
Updated 23-Jan-23 8:14am

1 solution

Ok I did it on my own:

Material m=new Material(URL);
process.OutputDataReceived +=(Object _sender, DataReceivedEventArgs _args)=>DoSomething(m, _sender, _args);

 public void DoSomething(Material mt,object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e)
    MessageBox.Show("Captured Data:" + e.Data);
    MessageBox.Show("My Data:" + mt.Info);
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