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I created a Telegram channel for uploading more than 6000 images of my family to keep it in a safe place and be able to share them easily. There may be more of such images here and there. Not to duplicate, I decided to create an MD5 for each and upload each with its MD5 code as its text tag. If I want to upload them one by one manually, it's certainly not wise. For this, I need an automated solution. I need to give the folder address to a software and it do the work for me.

What's your suggestion? Is there a ready bot for this purpose? Or have I to write a bot essentially for this purpose? I've not written a bot yet and am too beginner in this context. I don't know how to. I know C# and a bit GoLang. I don't know what language is best for writing a Telegram bot. Maybe it's not required at all.

What's your idea?

What I have tried:

I'm in the process of investigations, not coding. For this I googlized about it. But I think asking exact questions may help much better than looking for answers between questions which may not be so exactly the same.
Updated 13-Aug-19 5:46am

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Is there a BOT for this... probably, but it would be up to you to find it. I would probably just write my own using their APIs

API References:
Telegram APIs[^]
Telegram API: Uploading and Downloading Files[^]

Now I am not a Telegram user, but I do have an application for photo management which grabs them from a local drive, extracts the metadata for a database, and uploads to a web accessible location.
The way I set mine up was to either have the program FTP the image when processed or to do a ZIP of all the files and FTP that up for server side expansion.
While this may not work for you, it may give you some ideas on what you want to do
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ilostmyid2 13-Aug-19 10:55am    
Thanks for answering my question. The reasons I picked Telegram instead of a web site are:
1. A Telegram channel has no limit. You may upload as much files as you want.
2. There's no need to login to your web site. You've already done, because you use it with your cell phone number which is dedicated to you.
3. I may share it with anyone. In this case, my family.
4. I may be sure that they'll be never removed from the channel.
5. I may use Telegram to browse them. It's a good media viewer.
6. I may search for a specific file by entering its tag. The tag is to be the file's MD5 hash code. So, existence of a specific file is checkable at the moment.
7. I live with Telegram. ;)
ilostmyid2 13-Aug-19 10:56am    
The links you provided didn't help me so much. It's not for persons as beginner as who I am.
ilostmyid2 13-Aug-19 11:26am    
Maybe essentially I should develop a client like Telegram for Telegram servers to do it instead of a bot, because bots are designed for a request/response purpose. Am I right?
MadMyche 13-Aug-19 11:41am    
That is what I would do, and there are Telegram Clients written in C#

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