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I'm trying to create a dynamic architecture for a Audio/Video player application.

I want to be able to change the type of playlist and type of repository from inside the ioc container.

This should be injected in constructors around the application:
IPlaylist<IMedia> playlist, IRepository<IPlaylist<IMedia>> playlistRepository

I currently am able to change the playlist type but I'm having problems figuring out a solution for registering the repository dependency correctly.

Generic IPlaylist:
public interface IPlaylist<TMedia> where TMedia : IMedia
   string PlaylistName { get; set; }
   IList<TMedia> Media { get; set; }

public class SongPlaylist: IPlaylist<Song>
   public string PlaylistName { get; set; }
   public IList<Song> Media { get; set; }

MediaPlaylist for both songs and videos:
 public class MediaPlaylist : IPlaylist<Media>
    public string PlaylistName { get; set; }
    public IList<Media> Media { get; set; }

Repository interface:
public abstract class RepositoryBase<TConnection, TEntity> : IRepository<TEntity> where TEntity : class

Repository for songs:
public class SongPlaylistRepository : RepositoryBase<SignalRConnection, IPlaylist<Song>>

Repository for songs and videos:
public class MediaPlaylistRepository : RepositoryBase<SignalRConnection, IPlaylist<Media>>

Dryioc container: Here I register the generic IPlaylist which works:
containerRegistry.Register(typeof(IPlaylist<>), typeof(SongPlaylist));

This is what I would like to do, but I get "unexpected use of an unbound generic name":
containerRegistry.RegisterInstance<IRepository<IPlaylist<>>>(new SongPlaylistRepository(new SignalRConnection(new HubConnection(""), "hub")));

What I have tried:

I've tried a lot of different things but I can't figure out if my architecture is way off or if I'm just not using the dependency injection container appropriate.
Updated 25-Aug-19 6:47am
[no name] 25-Aug-19 17:25pm    
Looks over-engineered. Use "custom" collections only when the "generics" won't work (which is almost NEVER).
Member 11380736 26-Aug-19 8:50am    
I need to use a custom list

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