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Helllooo All,

First of all Happy new year to all.

My Question is that,
I have a problem with Crystal report.
When i render Crystal Report and my one of the field contains HTML string with TD,TR,TABLE html tag.
Due to this my result not getting proper formatting means crystal reports not support html td,tr,table tags any more.

tell me solution for above.
help me for the above.

thanks in advance.
Updated 1-Jan-13 22:09pm

1 solution

crystal report does not support table,tr,td tags
tr (causes only a paragraph break; does not preserve column structure of a table)

you can see details for supported tags with description. in this link...[^]

Happy coding!
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prashant patil 4987 2-Jan-13 4:44am    
hello Aarti.
can you please tell me another way to do this.??
Aarti Meswania 2-Jan-13 4:52am    
it's not supported by crystal report

so, I think you should make a sql-table from HTML and then
use crosstab report to display it in a table form

for convert html table to sql table
see.. "Using a datatable" - second topic. you will get some hints
Aarti Meswania 2-Jan-13 8:05am    
visit for converting HTML to Sql table

prashant patil 4987 2-Jan-13 22:20pm    
thanks for replying aarti.. but i want in crystal report only.
can you get some link of Html to PDF conversion..??
Aarti Meswania 2-Jan-13 23:41pm    
Welcome! :)
Glad to help you! :)

here it is...same topic for html->pdf

In crystal report it's not possible to set html-table format
In my suggested sql you can create subreport or crosstab, as per my knowledge it will be easiest way :)

hope it help you!

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