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Error when i try to compile a program.. A message is appeared saying that The system cannot find the file specified.

Any idea .. ??
[no name] 2-Jan-13 14:17pm    
What code have you written in your project. Mention the code of the line number at which this error appears.

1 solution

Check your #include statements - you have probably miss-spelled the file, or missed out the ".h" on the end. The error message should tell you the file name it is looking for, and (*probably) the line it is looking for it at. If not, you can search for the given file name.
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Usman Hunjra 2-Jan-13 14:41pm    
The actual error is ..
unable to start program 'C:\Work_Space\Studio\M number of lines\debug\M number of lines.exe'.
The system cannot find the file specified
OriginalGriff 2-Jan-13 14:43pm    
Have you tried a clean and then a full rebuild?
Usman Hunjra 2-Jan-13 14:52pm    
clean .. I don't know how to clean ..???? Can you please tell me . ?!
OriginalGriff 2-Jan-13 14:56pm    
On the Menu bar, under "Build" - you should have "clean solution".

In theory it should be done when you do a full rebuild, but I'm never sure VS gets it right every time.
Usman Hunjra 2-Jan-13 14:55pm    
Yep .. I got it ..
Thank you Sir .. GOD Bless You ...

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