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using a datagridview to add data to a table. So i want to make everytime someone adds a new record in the datatable, a cell will receive a datetime value. So i did this:

DataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells[dataGridViewTextBoxColumn].Value = DateTime.Now;

the problem is that this gives an error and i don't know where to change. Can anyone give me a hint?

I test you code it execute without error.
Please attend to bellow point:
1)This code is OK.
dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Cells[YourColumnNumber].Value = DateTime.Now;

2)The first column number is zero, therefore if you want add date to third column you must use from 2 az YourColumnNumber

3)You can use from upper code in Button_Click

I hope it's helpful
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The reason for the compiler error is you have used the dataGridViewColumn object to access the cell which accepts the Column index or name. Change your code like
DataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells[columnIndex].Value = DateTime.Now; or
DataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells[columnName].Value = DateTime.Now; 
where columnIndex/columnName is the number/Name that represents your column.
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Just want to thank you Both. I was using the column name. But after reading your help, i realized it's simpler to use the index. But the error persisted. Left the code for a while, when came back i saw where i was wrong. It was wrong index. The datetime valu should go to [4] and i was giving to index [5] that is a string. The error message was pretty clear, but sometimes the brain sees everything but that. Thank you alot guys.
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