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I want to get all raws of a table and only one of an other table, a think like this:

select * from table_1 and select id_prod from table_2

What I have tried:

I tried to write query with heidi but without success
Updated 18-Oct-19 1:49am

You need to use JOIN, see examples here: SQL Joins[^]

Another option is UNION, this can also be used for non-related tables: SQL UNION Operator[^]

To select only one row use TOP: SQL SELECT TOP, LIMIT, ROWNUM[^]
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Member 14594285 18-Oct-19 5:34am    
yes but with join I select all rows that have a correspondence, I want only a specific raw
RickZeeland 18-Oct-19 5:42am    
You can also use DISTINCT in combination with a WHERE clause, see the examples on the W3Schools website. It pays to study SQL as it is used almost everywhere.
This will take all rows from 1st table and only 1st row from second table
select * from myTable
union all (select top 1 * from myTableDuplicate)

Id	fName	
1	Srikanth
2	sunil	
3	Shilpa	
1	Srikanth

This will take all the columns from the first table and only Id column from the second table
select * from myTable M
join (select ID from myTableDuplicate) as D on M.Id=D.ID

Id	fName		ID
1	Srikanth	1
2	sunil		2
3	Shilpa	    3
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