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I have to implement reverse proxy setup in my local system. I have one website example - and it has main content. and I have another domain example -

Requirement :

Need how do i setup for reverse proxy. When i request to than it should be redirect to where i have actual website content. I have tried to setup inbound and outbound rule but unable to get result it shows : HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden as this domain has no content, i want to redirect this url to another url where content has stored.

What I have tried:

i haVe installed IIS windows 10
i have installed URL Rewrite
i have installed Application Request Routing Cache - in that i have enable proxy setting 
Updated 21-Oct-19 21:58pm

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Mohammad Nawaz 22-Oct-19 0:46am    
hey Rickzeelan,
As given your Url I have successfully implemented Reverse proxy setup, I have another issue, I want to provide generic error message from reverse proxy server where whenever any issue found in any server from that proxy server, I want to show error page to user, I don't want to invest time in error handling in every website. I just want handle error page on proxy server..
Mohammad Nawaz 22-Oct-19 6:12am    
When i stop first site where my code is deployed than instead give 500 - internal server error it gives 404 resource not found, how do handle to this?
thanx for sharing this information i will really appreciate your post.
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Richard Deeming 22-Oct-19 11:18am    
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