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Our applicaiton has lot of pdf files for the configurations. I want to see if I can create a chatbot application to fetch the data from pdf files

Is it possible to do it. Any sample projects will be most helpful

What I have tried:

Searched online but didn't find anything related to this
Updated 11-Nov-19 22:07pm
ZurdoDev 11-Nov-19 14:15pm    
I don't know what you searched for but you need to break it up into pieces. You first need to know how to search pdf files. Then you can learn about doing a chatbot.
Mohibur Rashid 11-Nov-19 18:46pm    
I was going to say the same
Coder969 12-Nov-19 3:33am    
Yea .. I am checking how to search the pdf files. If some solution is already present then it will be easy for me to do my own chatbot
ZurdoDev 12-Nov-19 7:02am    
There are lots of options. Just search for pdf parsers.

As has been mentioned to you in the comments above, you need to start off by breaking the big problem down into little problems. Effectively, you have two problems you need to solve here; the first is how to search the pdf content and the second is how to write the chatbot.

Let's start off with searching the pdf content. If I were tackling this, I would look to see if there was anything available that could actually read document content. Fortunately, there is; there are any number of services such as Lucene[^] or Elasticsearch[^] that provide full text-search capabilities. So, that's one part solved.

The next thing I would be looking at is what resources are available to me to help me learn how to write a Chatbot. Chatbots are not something you should want to tackle without research, or dedicated libraries if you don't want to write natural language systems from scratch yourself. Fortunately, in Python, there are toolkits such as the NLTK available which you should be able to leverage.
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Coder969 12-Nov-19 7:47am    
Thanks for guiding how to look into the solution. I will see the provided link and will also try to write scratch if the provided toolkit doesnt solve my purpose
If you are new to this process and wish to make use of existing service offered by cloud vendors, you can have a look into "QnA Maker" provided by Microsoft Azure.
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