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Hi All,

My Query IS

SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE Date Between Date1 AND Date2 AND ID=ISNULL(@ID,ID)

Here I have avoided dynamic query by using isnull in where condition.. Now i can search using or Date .. When Date is Not Passed the Date Between Date1 AND Date2 this have to pass... that is the case friends..

when date is null .. the condition should have to based on ID only. and between case should pass as true.. Hope U understand!!!!

Updated 10-Jan-13 17:19pm
Sandeep Mewara 10-Jan-13 8:53am    
If you mean date as empty == NULL then you can use DBNull for it. Not too clear on what are you trying to do.

Hi Friends,

Thank u for ur help.... And I have Solved this

SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE   Date BETWEEN  ISNULL(@Fromdate,Date) AND ISNULL(@ToDate,ISNULL(@Fromdate,Date))
             AND ID =ISNULL(@Id,ID)

This Query Worked Out For Me.. Thanks Friends for ur contribution....
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You can pass null value to the procedure. please check the following thread:[^]
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this trick will work
select * from a 
(startdate between @t1 and @t2   or  (@t1 is null or @t2 is null)) 
(id=@Id or id is null)

Happy Coding!
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If I understand your query then you have solved your requirement on your query. Just modifying your query only. Check it:

SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE IsNull(@Date,Date1) Between Date1 AND Date2 AND ID=ISNULL(@ID,ID)
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