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I am loading an HTML page in ajax modal on the click of a button inside a repeater.

$(".ajax-link").on('click', function (e) {
               $("html, body").addClass("hid-body");
                   right: "0",
                   opacity: 1
               }, 300);
                   url: this.href,
                   success: function (html) {
                       $(".ajax-modal-overlay , .ajax-modal-close").on('click', function () {
                           $("html, body").removeClass("hid-body");
                               right: "-550px",
                               opacity: 0
                           }, 300);
                           setTimeout(function () {
                           }, 300);
               setTimeout(function () {
                       opacity: "1"
                   }, 300);
               }, 1000);
               return false;

after using the modal opening link, Other link buttons Clicks on the Main page gives the error as
Form submission canceled because the form is not connected

Repeater Code
<pre>    <pre lang="c#"><asp:Repeater ID="Site_Grid" runat="server" Visible="false" OnItemDataBound="Site_Grid_ItemDataBound" OnItemCreated="Site_Grid_ItemCreated" OnItemCommand="Site_Grid_ItemCommand">
            <div class="listing-item has_one_column">
                <article class="geodir-category-listing fl-wrap grid-item-holder">
                    <div class="geodir-opt-list">
                        <%--Ajax Link--%>
                        <a href="MediaPanel.aspx?<%#Eval("PageUrl") %>" class="geodir-js-favorite ajax-link">class="fal fa-eye"><span class="geodir-opt-tooltip">View Details</span></a>
                        <asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton6" runat="server" CommandName="AddtoPlan" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("Id")%>' class="geodir-js-booking add" Text="Add">^__i class="fal fa-plus"><span class="geodir-opt-tooltip">Add</span>

What I have tried:

I tried appending form again on close button of modal.
 $(".ajax-modal-overlay , .ajax-modal-close").on('click', function () {

But i am still getting the same error. Please Help.
Updated 15-Jan-20 1:54am
ZurdoDev 15-Jan-20 10:24am    
.append("#aspnetForm") will just append the text #aspnetForm. You need to append the form itself.
Sanjeev236 15-Jan-20 12:16pm    
I tried the same but No Luck. :(

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