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I am trying to make a vbscript to upload files to remote ftp directory, after running the script and I check the directory, I discovered that the expected file didn't upload.

I have been working arounf this for some hours now and I am unbale to fix this myself. I'd Appreciate A solution to this.

What I have tried:

Set oShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Dim path As String
LocalPath = Environ("HOMEPATH") & "\AppData\Roaming\source1\"

'Path to file or folder to upload
path = LocalPath & "filescopy.txt"

intMaxAttempt = 5
intCurAttempt = 0
boolSuccess = False

Do While Not boolSuccess
    intCurAttempt = intCurAttempt + 1

    If intCurAttempt > intMaxAttempt Then
        Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(LocalPath & "log.txt", 8, True) ' 8=append, 2=overwrite
        objFile.WriteLine(path & " did NOT upload successfully on " & Now)

        Exit Do
    End If

    boolSuccess = FTPUpload(path)

    If boolSuccess Then

        If objFSO.FileExists(path) Then
            objFSO.DeleteFile path
        End If

        If objFSO.FolderExists(path) Then
            Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(path)
            For Each strFile In objFolder.Files
                objFSO.DeleteFile strFile
        End If

        Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(LocalPath & "log.txt", 8, True) ' 8=append, 2=overwrite
        objFile.WriteLine(path & " uploaded successfully on " & Now)

        Exit Do

    End If  

Function FTPUpload(path)
    FTPUpload = True

    On Error Resume Next

    'Copy Options: 16 = Yes to All
    Const copyType = 16

    'FTP Wait Time in ms
    waitTime = 80000

    FTPUser = "User"
    FTPPass = "Pass"
    FTPHost = ""
    FTPDir = "/"

    strFTP = "ftp://" & FTPUser & ":" & FTPPass & "@" & FTPHost & FTPDir
    Set objFTP = oShell.NameSpace(strFTP)

    'Make new folder on FTP site
    'objFTP.NewFolder "FTP Backup"

    'Upload single file      
    If objFSO.FileExists(path) Then

        Set objFile = objFSO.getFile(path)
        strParent = objFile.ParentFolder
        Set objFolder = oShell.NameSpace(strParent)

        Set objItem = objFolder.ParseName(objFile.Name)

        Wscript.Echo "Uploading file " & objItem.Name & " to " & strFTP
         objFTP.CopyHere objItem, copyType

    End If

    'Upload all files in folder
    If objFSO.FolderExists(path) Then

        'Code below can be used to upload entire folder
        Set objFolder = oShell.NameSpace(path)

        Wscript.Echo "Uploading folder " & path & " to " & strFTP
        objFTP.CopyHere objFolder.Items, copyType

    End If

    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
        Wscript.Echo "Error: " & Err.Description
        FTPUpload = False
    End If

    'Wait for upload
    WScript.Sleep waitTime
End Function

When I used this code, I get path not found.
Updated 16-Feb-20 12:45pm
Richard MacCutchan 15-Feb-20 11:00am    
You need to add some debug code to your script to find out what happens when you run it. People here cannot guess what is going on.
cHl Security 15-Feb-20 17:56pm    
I get the error:
Winscript Host"

Error: Object Required
Richard MacCutchan 16-Feb-20 3:22am    
How many times do you need to see that error before you do something about it? It is clearly telling you that CreateObject("Shell.Application") is failing, so you need to investigate why.
cHl Security 16-Feb-20 0:29am    
I have updated the question. Kindy check please

Not an answer to your problem, but something to help you find out what the actual problem is. Your code has the wonderful line On Error Resume Next which suppresses the script from stopping at the point of failure; and allows you to do error handling for the error, by utilizing the properties of Err.

Your code however is not utilizing Err and therefore you are not learning what the problem is. I would be tempted to comment out On Error Resume Next and then try the program out to see if and what any errors are.

vbscript - What does the "On Error Resume Next" statement do? - Stack Overflow[^]
On Error Statement - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]
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cHl Security 15-Feb-20 17:56pm    
I get the error:
Winscript Host"

Error: Object Required
MadMyche 15-Feb-20 18:09pm    
On what line? Did you do any troubleshooting of why this happens?
cHl Security 16-Feb-20 0:02am    
It didn't give a prescribe error from any line. It just stated that Error: Object Required. Looking deeply into the code when I added option Explicit to the begining of the code. I got this

And after some time this showed up again:

When I hit Okay on the uploading image I got this prompt again:
It didn't give a prescribe error from any line.

First picture says Line 7 and running the code with debugger would have go strait to the error.
From your code, it is:
Set oShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

Your code do not behave the way you expect, or you don't understand why !

There is an almost universal solution: Run your code on debugger step by step, inspect variables.
The debugger is here to show you what your code is doing and your task is to compare with what it should do.
There is no magic in the debugger, it don't know what your code is supposed to do, it don't find bugs, it just help you to by showing you what is going on. When the code don't do what is expected, you are close to a bug.
To see what your code is doing: Just set a breakpoint and see your code performing, the debugger allow you to execute lines 1 by 1 and to inspect variables as it execute.

Debugger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]

Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 - A Beginner's Guide[^]
Basic Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 - YouTube[^]

Visual Basic / Visual Studio Video Tutorial - Basic Debugging - YouTube[^]
Visual Basic .NET programming for Beginners - Breakpoints and Debugging Tools[^]

The debugger is here to only show you what your code is doing and your task is to compare with what it should do.
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cHl Security 16-Feb-20 8:03am    
I have updated the code after debugging, Now I get path not found. Please help me
Richard MacCutchan 16-Feb-20 9:23am    
Where do you get "path not found", what path is it referring to? Please make an effort to provide proper information; no one here can see your screen or read your mind.
Patrice T 16-Feb-20 12:53pm    
As already said, the debugger show you where error happen (the line number)
It showed nothing. Id appreciate any form of diret assitance from you.
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