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I need to find a LEGO Mindstorms coder.

I build holonomic robots to remote control over the internet.
I control them with a android app called RoboCam.[^]
The RoboCam app is coded with LEGO Developer Kit.
MINDSTORMS EV3 Developer Kits – Support – LEGO Education[^]

I have decompiled the RoboCam app and have its source code.
I send command to "MailBox" in the LEGO robot EV3.

The RoboCam make the phone to a server and create a website that listen to key pressed, mouse and so on, and send then a drive command, by Bluetooth , to robot.
Is it TCP/IP or bluetooth I need to search for ?

My question is......
I try to remote control the robot from my own website in PHP.

So how do I find the code, that sends a command to the robot, in the source code.
What words do I use, to find the command control code, that I need to write in my PHP code, when i detect a key press, in my PHP website, that make my robot get a engine run command?

Regards Magnus

What I have tried:

I have tried to search with words like
and so on.
Maybe I do not know what to look for when i search.
Updated 19-Feb-20 8:35am
Gerry Schmitz 18-Feb-20 22:10pm    
Locate the TCP/IP code. The EV3 also communicates over USB and BlueTooth, so don't confuse them.

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