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what is the best way to access secure a WebService with JWT Bearer Token from a Website if both running on different servers ?

What I have tried:


i`m new in Web programming. I just create a Webservice and it worked as well with JWT Bearer Token. 
Now i set up a Asp.Net Core Website which use an own Identity Authentication. 

At the moment i realize the Token in Webservice as follow:

<pre lang="c#">public IActionResult Login(string username, string pass)
            UserModel login = new UserModel();
            login.UserName = username;
            login.Password = pass;
            IActionResult response = Unauthorized();

            var user = AuthenticateUser(login);

            if(user != null)
                var tokenStr = GenerateJSONWebToken(user);
                response = Ok(new { token = tokenStr });
            return response;

and this is the Token Creation:

private string GenerateJSONWebToken(UserModel userinfo)
            var securityKey = new SymmetricSecurityKey(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(_config["Jwt:Key"]));
            var credentials = new SigningCredentials(securityKey, SecurityAlgorithms.HmacSha256);

            var claims = new[]
                new Claim(JwtRegisteredClaimNames.Sub,userinfo.UserName),
                new Claim(JwtRegisteredClaimNames.Email,userinfo.EmailAddress),
                new Claim(JwtRegisteredClaimNames.Jti,Guid.NewGuid().ToString())


            var token = new JwtSecurityToken(
                issuer: _config["Jwt:Issuer"],
                audience: _config["Jwt:Issuer"],
                expires: DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(120),
                signingCredentials: credentials);

            var encodetoken = new JwtSecurityTokenHandler().WriteToken(token);
            return encodetoken;

Now i have hardcoded the username and password for the token in Website Startup.cs as follow:

var client = new RestClient(Startup.URLWebservice);
            var request = new RestRequest("api/Login?username=test&pass=123", Method.GET);
            var deserial = new JsonDeserializer();
            var response = client.Execute(request);
            Token = deserial.Deserialize<Dictionary<string, string>>(response);

What is the best pattern to make this scenario safe ? First of all i think there should`nt be username and password hardcoded ? The better way could be that the webservice only send the token to an authenticated user from the website - but how can i achieve this ?

Hope anybody can help me !?

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