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I would like to bind a ViewModell with an xml to my view, like this one:

class ViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
           public XmlDataProvider Dataprov { get; set; }

           private string _CommonProperty;

           public string CommonProperty
               get { return _CommonProperty; }
               set { _CommonProperty = value; OnPropertyChanged(); }


I added the viewmodel to datacontext in this way:

public MainWindow()
            vm = new ViewModel();
            vm.Dataprov = new XmlDataProvider();
                vm.Dataprov.Source = new Uri("Test.xml",UriKind.Relative);
            catch (Exception ex)
            this.DataContext = vm;

Then I tried multiple ways to get xml data in my view, but every tries failed :(

for example:
        <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
            <Label Content="{Binding  Source=Dataprov, XPath='Root/test1/test11'}" ></Label>

Is there any possible way to use xml binding, if the XmlDataProvider is part of the ViewModel?

Thank you
Suvabrata Roy 11-Jan-13 8:55am    
Are you sure about your xml file format ?
If so then share the xml.

Other wise its very tough to understand.
CzimerA 11-Jan-13 9:30am    
Im sure, If the datacontext is the XMLDataProvider the binding works.


For your reference :
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I have found a walkaround solution for this issue. The XmlDataProvider was removed from the viewmodel,and was given to the resources:
   <XmlDataProvider x:Key="Lang" Source="Test.xml" XPath="Root/test1"  />

Lets say the viewmodel like this:
class ViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged 
  private bool _PropEnabled;

  public bool PropEnabled
    get { return _PropEnabled; }
    set { _PropEnabled = value; OnPropertyChanged(); }

Now the binding could be accomplished:
<Label Content="{Binding Source={StaticResource ResourceKey=Lang}, XPath='test11'}" IsEnabled="{Binding PropEnabled}" ></Label>

So the XML and the view can be use for binding in the same time. The Content is binded to the XML, but the IsEnabled property is binded to the viewmodel.
I have to highlight this is only a workaround for my problem, but how to merge multiple viewmodels is still unclean for me.
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