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Im trying to get the mean, mode, standard deviation and median of a set of data from a text file. It works for all but the mode, when I include the mode I get the error of '
TypeError: unsupported format string passed to ModeResult.__format__
It goes when I comment out the print format line for the mode so I know thats whats wrong but I dont know why its wrong

What I have tried:

import numpy as np
from scipy import stats

def ColorText( text, color):
    Description: This function allows colors to be used in output formatting
    CEND = '\033[0m'

    CRED = '\033[1;31m'

    if color == 'red':
        return CRED + text + CEND  

data = np.loadtxt("sunspots.txt",float)
x = data[:,0]
y = data[:,1]

xyr = 1749 + (x/12)

title1= 'Mean'
title2= 'Median'
title3= 'Standard Deviation'
title4= 'Mode'

print(ColorText('\n''{0:>18}'.format(title1), 'red'),'|',\
ColorText('{0:>18}'.format(title2), 'red'), '|',\
ColorText('{0:>18}'.format(title3), 'red'),'|',\

mean = np.mean(y)
#print('The mean of the data sunspots is',mean)

median= np.median(y)
#print('The median of the data sunspots is', median)

standard_dev= np.std(y)
#print('The standard deviation of the data sunspots is',standard_dev)

mode= stats.mode(y)

print('{0:>18.3f}'.format(mean), '|',\
'{0:>18.3f}'.format(median), '|',\
Richard MacCutchan 12-Apr-20 13:22pm    
I do not think those > signs are valid.
CiaraMc96 12-Apr-20 14:01pm    
They work when I comment out the mode formatting line, Ive been using them for right justifying

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