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Need some guidance here -


I have 1000 SQL servers and I have a scheduled task running on all of those which updates a table with just an integer, let's call it X (its a sum of some numbers). Now the ask is to create some sort of ticker which updates every few mins with the sum of the total of all the X's from all the 1000 servers and display it either on a webpage or a console. So I will need a service that runs centrally and gets this data from all those 1000 servers or service which runs on all the 1000 servers which pushes this info on the central server. Can you please help with do I achieve this.

And remember if this runs centrally then it should be a multithreaded service.

What I have tried:

I am able to gather the info on the servers. Now the only issue to get the information combined and projected.
Updated 4-May-20 4:57am
CHill60 4-May-20 9:19am    
Please do not post in more than one forum - you have already posted this question at C# Service to gather information from SQL - C# Discussion Boards[^]
Also be sure to read the posting guidelines - we need to see what you have already tried
MadMyche 4-May-20 10:23am    
1000 servers or 1000 databases?
Scheduled Tasks (Windows) or Jobs (SQL Agent)?

Maybe you can use ApexSQL Propagate instead of writing a C# application: Multi-database SQL script execution | ApexSQL[^]

Or take a look at this CodeProject article which uses SignalR: SQL Server Notifications on Record Change with SignalR and SQLTableDependency[^]
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Member 11955245 4-May-20 9:36am    
I dont think that is an option, cannot have a third party applications installed on the system.
Well, if you can't use 3rd party solutions, you're going to have to write a service that runs on all of the SQL Servers. This service would get the data it needs from the server it's running on and send it to a central SQL database. Your website, or whatever, could run it's query or do its analysis on the data on the central SQL server without having to go through a LOT of time querying 1000 SQL databases for what it needs.
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Member 11955245 4-May-20 9:54am    
Yes that is what exacty I am looking for. I am not a .Net developer but I know my way around code. So if you have any set of examples which I can refer and write this then it will be very helpful.

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