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This is the code snippet

awk -v s=$frame_shift '{n += $2}; END{printf("%.0f\n", (n / s))}' <$data/utt2dur

I have a couple of doubts. I know "-v s=$frame_shift" is used to initialise s. And n is the second column of the input file "$data/utt2dur".

But the error is as follows:

awk: fatal: cannot open file `{n += $2}; END{printf("%.0f\n", (n / s))}' for reading (No such file or directory)

1. what exactly is awk fatal error? The search results are too advanced for me. I am only a beginner.
2. Why does it show up in my case?
3. How to get rid of it?

Any help would be appreciated.

What I have tried:

The final output is empty except for "OKAY:". It is supposed to have a whole column right?
Richard MacCutchan 12-May-20 7:27am    
The message is telling you that awk is reading that text as a filename. It is some years since I was writing awk scripts so I cannot offer much other than suggesting your statements are either out of order, or using the wrong quotes. Check the man page for the exact syntax you need.

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