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hiiiiiiii frnds
I want to create a lan application for a plaza. i want to explain in detail-
there are so many computer in lan means they are client with one server. so i want to provide login to client and some functionalities like transefer client session ,close client session,shutdown client system.
i dont have any knowledge about working with lan. so frnds please help me for this project. how to do that type of project,....
Updated 12-Jan-13 23:44pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Jan-13 12:16pm    
This is not a question.

Usually, I don't answer non-questions (as I say, your post is not a question), but in this particular case, there is a couple of ideas you need to get to overcome the confusion you apparently have.

There are no such things as LAN technologies. There are network technologies which can be applied to different kinds of network in exact same ways.

Besides, network technologies are not confined to such a narrow and limited paradigm as client-server. The roles of different application and the orders of communication can be arbitrary, application-specific, and, in very many cases, should be, unless your agree to have utterly ineffective architecture.

With .NET, you have a wide range of ready-to-use network types and facilities at different level, starting from raw sockets to remoting to WCF. I tried to overview these levels in my past answers:
how i can send byte[] to other pc[^],
Communication b/w two Windows applications on LAN.[^].

In real-life practice, network programming also closely related to multithreading.
See also this answer: Multple clients from same port Number[^].

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