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I am looking a good solution. I have some pdf files stored on azure blob storage and I like to implement a way so when one of the pdf file name change and if someone try to access the old pdf file name I want them to redirect to the new pdf file and send 301 redirect status. correct me if i am wrongI believe I can't do this using .htaccess since these files will rename dynamically and I want to implement a solution so 301 redirect with the new file name will occurred automatically. I don't want to maintain htaccess file. Any advice or a good solution?

What I have tried:

one solution i was think to create an node api and control url that way but i just cant wrap my head around how to implement this, any help please.
Updated 2-Jul-20 13:03pm

Somehow you are going to need a list of the filenames, and what the new filenames are.

Once you have that "list", you could add in code that when there is a change in the list; you could automatically update the .htaccess file with the new information.

What I have in place is a custom 404 handler; and if a file is not found it will check a database table to see if there is a redirect in place for it and generate a 301 if there is.
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code-destroyer 2-Jul-20 20:54pm    
Hello @MadMyche - Thanks. I am avoiding updating .htaccess file because there are going to be hundreds of files and more, and then every time a file renames then i am afraid it will going to increase the size of the file too big in the future; that is why i am trying to stay away using htaccess file.

I do like you idea regarding a custom 404 handler and if a file is not found it will check a database table. I am very new to this, are you able to provide me some code example and guidance how you have exactly implemented customer 404 handler?

MadMyche 3-Jul-20 0:23am    
Unfortunately that code is integrated into a proprietary system and subject to Non-Disclosure.
Basically though; it follow the steps I gave above, which could easily be done in most programming languages
301 is a type of redirection code . It is mainly used for redirecting a page to another
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