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Hey Guys, So i need a suggestions and help.

I have application in which i have 3 different login forms. 1 for SuperAdmin, 1 for SubAdmins, and 1 for normal users.

I create 3 login forms for security purpose there is very sensitive information and details so i create a different logins for each type of user. i think it is good to keep all things separated for each user please tell me what you guys think about this.

I am using Mvc 4

What I have tried:

please tell me if there is any other better way
Updated 5-Jul-20 12:27pm

please tell me if there is any other better way

Better way is 1 single login form !
Because you know who is a new user after the login.
I create 3 login forms for security

Don't want to be rude, but it looks like you don't really understand how security works.

- Login user
- check if user/password exist, otherwise, go back to login
- Get role for user
- Store role in app variable
- user that variable to activate parts of app depending role.
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Greg Utas 5-Jul-20 16:04pm    
But then how does the _first_ user log in?! :)
Patrice T 5-Jul-20 16:36pm    
Either administrator is hardcoded in app, either you manually prepare user batabase with first user credentials.
As Patrice stated; use 1 login page for all users.

Here is a very basic Login processing script to give you the basic logic of how to do this. This is on the line of quasi-code; and should not be used for production
public ActionResult Login (string username, string password) {
   string NewPath;
   int RoleID = 0;

   if ((username == "superadmin") && (password == "superpass")) {
      RoleID = 1;
      NewPath = "SuperAdminPage";
   } else if ((username == "subadmin") && (password == "subpass")) {
      RoleID = 2;
      NewPath = "SubAdminPage";
   } else ((username == "normaluser") && (password == "normalpass")) {
      RoleID = 3;
      NewPath = "NormalUserPage";
   } else {
     RoleID = 0;
     NewPath = "LoginFailed";

   Session("RoleID") = RoleID;
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